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21st Century Upfitting

Many school leaders believe that converting their school to a 21st Century School Model is impossible because of the high cost of technology and the expense of training teachers 21st Century skills. WECHARTER can help your school convert to a 21st Century School Model utilizing your available resources, likely for less than you are currently scheduled to expend on the old system.  There are two parts to the 21st Century School Model. First, is the 21st Century School Environment.  Second, is the delivery of a 21st Century Education. 


21st Century School Environment


The 21st Century School Environment is technology rich and can develop in multiple ways.  One of which is having an Interactive White Board in each classroom, document cameras in each classroom, and one-to-one computers for students.  A school could utilize a digital repository which includes cyber storage space for student portfolios and student works.  Next is the Instructional Content Materials Database and Assessment system.  These are just a few of the features of the 21st Century School Environment. WECHARTER helps charter schools establish a network infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth to support the 21st Century School Environment.  We can help you obtain E-rate support and access other resources to support in creating a 21st Century School Environment.  WECHARTER can walk along your side as you school works to establish a high-quality 21st Century School Environment. 


21st Century Education


The defining characteristic of a 21st Century Education is that students matriculate through the formal curriculum as fast as their cognitive abilities allow, or as slow as their cognitive abilities require.  21st Century Education is student-centered.  Teachers facilitate learning by managing student assignments, providing small group and individual support, and serving as a guide for students. Teachers make the transition from lecturers to facilitators. Teachers use 21st Century technology and instructional strategies to facilitate student interaction with the curriculum.  Teachers create a high level of academic rigor by requiring students to do the thinking work.  A 21st Century Education places an emphasis on students developing problem-solving skills, analytical reasoning skills, logical reasoning skills, and abstract reasoning skills. WECHARTER can help you identify 21st Century Education resources and instructional strategies, and navigate the implementation of a 21st Century Education for your students. 


21st Century Teacher Professional Development


           WECHARTER can help your school move to the cutting edge by preparing your staff to provide a 21st Century Education within a 21st Century School Environment. 

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