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WeCharter provides a comprehensive catalog of back-office solutions for charter schools. Schools are 

financially constrained and forced to ask their educators and administrative leaders to carry-out 

technically involved duties that are vastly different than their trained skillsets.  

WeCharter’s mission is to empower charter school leaders to focus on what matters most – education. 

Through our variety of services and experienced team, charter schools are able to outsource technical 

administrative duties that will result in increased staff time, lower school costs, and ease of mind in 

knowing your school has a professional and experienced team serving your needs.   



WeCharter offers six core services that were created after consulting with charter school administrators 

and leaders and their most common areas of worry. Our services include: School-Data Management, the 

creation and administration of a School-based Health Clinic, Marketing, Human Resources, 21st Century 

Upfitting, and Charter School Start-up. Contact us today to see how WeCharter can help you 

cost-effectively operate your school at the highest level.  


WeCharter is a one-stop service provider for charter schools that empowers leaders and educators to focus on what matters –education. Our suite of charter school solutions free staff from duties that educators were never trained to complete and creates economies of scale that ultimately save schools money. We offer holistic services that go beyond the traditional service provider offerings. Our current solutions include School Data Management, School Based Health Services, Human Resources, Marketing, and School Start-up. 


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