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Human Resources

Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, especially when considering the costs of onboarding new staff. NC has the 9th highest teacher turnover in the United States, costing our schools millions. Each school must ask, “Are we hiring the right people? Does this candidate buy-in to our mission?” 


Learning Policy Institute (LPI) research finds that teacher turnover harms student achievement. Financially, LPI estimates that each teacher that quits, on average, costs $20,000 in urban districts. What makes matters worse is when a vacancy happens in the middle of the school year. The education leader already has a full slate of responsibilities, and now that leader must sift through dozens, maybe hundreds, of applicants. That educational leader is going to have to make a quick decision because each day that passes will cost the school even more money and further harm student outcomes. The problem is that putting that time constraint on a school leader is going to force quick decisions and potentially the hiring of a suboptimal candidate. 

By hiring WeCharter to produce a catered list of applicants for your school, you will save your lead administrator time, review only the best candidates, utilize human resources best practices, and ultimately save money. Upon hiring, we can also assist with a variety of other services at reduced costs that include:


  • FERPA Training

  • Teacher Certification Monitoring/Compliance

  • CPR Training

WeCharter is equipped to provide the required services to bring about hiring efficiency, staff retention, and the resources your school needs to bring about cost savings.

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