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Over the past several years in North Carolina, roughly 60% of submitted charter school applications fail to pass the qualifications and standards to receive approval by the State Board of Education. Applications can not make the final cut for a variety of reasons. Many of the reasons charter school applications do not make it through the cycle are because of how nuanced the charter school industry can prove to be and the resources necessary to complete a charter school application. The application, when you include the many appendices, can easily be over 200 pages and full of information that is much more than just an education plan. A non-profit, volunteer board can struggle to understand all the moving parts in navigating the application process and find the time to complete all the required paperwork.

WeCharter and its team have successfully guided school boards through the application process in varying capacities to receive State Board approval. Some boards have then selected us to assist with the Ready-To-Open process that brings a whole new set of challenges. WeCharter provides a la carte services you need to be successful. Some of the services to choose from:

  • Project Management

  • Application Writing

  • Application Review

  • Board Policy Development

  • Community Outreach

  • Marketing Strategy 


A new board may not have resources to pay up-front. WeCharter invests in your success by creating specifically curated payment plans that take effect upon the successful opening of your school. Reach out to talk about our individually catered services and payment plans and how to best suit your needs. 


WeCharter is a one-stop service provider for charter schools that empowers leaders and educators to focus on what matters –education. Our suite of charter school solutions free staff from duties that educators were never trained to complete and creates economies of scale that ultimately save schools money. We offer holistic services that go beyond the traditional service provider offerings. Our current solutions include School Data Management, School Based Health Services, Human Resources, Marketing, and School Start-up. 


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