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  • School Data Management

    WeCharter expands upon traditional data management offerings to encompass all

    data-related duties of your school.  

  • Human


    WeCharter provides certified Human Resource professionals to help your school hire the right candidate the first time to save you money, reduce turnover, and save time.

  • School


    WeCharter can assist in charter school application writing, board training, and research to establish the school you envision.

  • Marketing

    WeCharter has extensive experience in charter school marketing to help build your brand, manage your online presence, and ultimately increase your enrollment.

  • 21st Century 


    WeCharter can assist you with updating your educational setting and in creating a true 21st Century learning environment.

  • School-based 

    Health Clinic

    WeCharter is innovating the charter school industry to bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies for all health-related services.


WeCharter is a one-stop service provider for charter schools that empowers leaders and educators to focus on what matters –education. Our suite of charter school solutions free staff from duties that educators were never trained to complete and creates economies of scale that ultimately save schools money. We offer holistic services that go beyond the traditional service provider offerings. Our current solutions include School Data Management, School Based Health Services, Human Resources, Marketing, and School Start-up. 


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