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School Data Management

As opposed to the traditional offerings across the state “student data management,” WeCharter offers a more holistic and all-encompassing solution to include all of the other areas of data management that a school really needs to complete in order to maintain compliance and receive all the dollars available to charter schools. WeCharter’s first step after contracting with you is to create catered processes for your school staff that makes sense and remove the burden of data-management that takes up time and resources of your educational and administrative staff. 


There are multiple reports that need to be filed each month that aren’t included in traditional student-data service offerings, which is why we are calling our service “school data management.” We will work with your school to complete all PowerSchool related activities, help you maintain full compliance with DPI, and show you where you are leaving dollars. 

  • Discipline Reporting

  • EDS Reporting

  • ESSR Reporting

  • Read-To-Achieve Planning

  • Record Storage

  • Teacher Certification Monitoring

  • ECATS Reporting

  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Reporting

  • Annual Health Reports

  • SS200 Reports

  • Performance Framework Responsibilities

All of these services are provided in addition to what other providers do in PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, and GradeBook. In addition to simply filing these reports, we create systems at your school so that we can receive the necessary information in an efficient and effective manner. Please reach out so that we can help you maintain compliance, reduce burdens on your staff, and receive all the public dollars you may be leaving on the table. 


WeCharter is a one-stop service provider for charter schools that empowers leaders and educators to focus on what matters –education. Our suite of charter school solutions free staff from duties that educators were never trained to complete and creates economies of scale that ultimately save schools money. We offer holistic services that go beyond the traditional service provider offerings. Our current solutions include School Data Management, School Based Health Services, Human Resources, Marketing, and School Start-up. 


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